Lucas Lenglet

Strategies of Honesty

1017 x 340 x 240 cm
glass, plywood, steel rails, tram-wheels, Molotov-cocktail


Olandu Biuras / Dutch Bureau

CAC, Vilnius Lithuania


photo: EZ

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lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_01 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_02 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_03 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_04 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_06 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_07 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_08 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_09 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_10 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_11 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_12 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_13 lucas-lenglet_strategies-of-honesty_2004_14
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This pavilion-like structure functions as a holder for a partly transparent but inaccessible space. This space is movable on rails within the pavilion. The pavilion’s modernist structure is inspired freely by the architecture of the Contemporary Art Center, which is built in a late modernist tradition. The space on wheels shows the remains of a molotov-cocktail, which was thrown in before the exhibition. The work deals with questions such as: “How strongly does one believe in ones ideas and believes?”, “When is the necessity of violence strong enough to actually use it?”.

As a showcase of the archaeology of an action, the pavilion and its interior exhibits a possible result of strong believes.




RADICAL CHIC by Domeniek Ruyters – METROPOLIS M 2005 / NR. 2


metropolis m_soh_01 metropolis m_soh_02